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The James Thomas Series Reading Challenge 2022

It is almost time!!

The James Thomas reading challenge kicks off tomorrow and I can’t wait!

Thank you for coming on this crazy ride with me (some of you are on laps two and three and I love it!).

Here’s the details of the challenge:

1) On 1st June, we’re going to start with The Favor

2) Then read a book per week in the following order:

3) I’m going to be giving away a prize every week. I’ll announce the giveaway at the start of the week (on the Monday) and you’ll have until the end of the week (Sunday) to enter the giveaway.

4) I’m also going to film a few videos about scenes that got cut and other interesting facts about the series that you may not know.

Note: I know one book a week is a lot for some readers; however, this is a reading challenge…Haha. But if you do fall behind, don’t stress! The entire point is to read the books and enjoy them. So, if you can’t read one per week, just read at your own pace (you’ll still be able to enter the giveaways).

GIVEAWAY for Week One (1-5th June):

TWO signed copies of The Favor are up for grabs!

To enter:

1) Email me ( and tell me what James and Deacon asked Kyoji to do in exchange for the favour.

Happy reading JT lovers!

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