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The Hack
The Hack

You have ten minutes. They’re coming for you…

Raya grew up on the streets of South Chicago and learned at a young age how to face fear head on. Alone and afraid, Raya began computer hacking. What started as an innocent investigation into her mother’s suicide, turned into a tangled web of secrets and lies—that people will kill to protect.

Raya has always dealt with her problems on her own, but now she needs help, and the only person she can turn to is the heir of the Rossi empire. Aureliano Rossi’s family has links to the mafia and a vault full of dirty secrets. He may also be the best computer hacker Raya has ever encountered.

A warning message has Raya on the run, and now her survival depends on Aureliano’s willingness to help her. She knows it’s a gamble… Will she get the answers she needs to buy her safety? Or end up another secret in the Rossi vault?

The Code
The Code

Look over your shoulder, you’re not alone…

When Nina's disabled grandmother’s insurance company refuses to pay for a recent hospital admission, the determined IT assistant decides she’ll teach them a lesson. Nina hacks their system, steals their data, and demands a ransom. Upon payment, she distributes the money to their customers—people like her grandmother who need it to survive. But not everyone sees her as a modern-day Robin Hood. Despite good intentions, her actions are...well, illegal.

Carter’s life—and career—is built on secrets that haunt him while he sleeps. Carter wants to leave it all behind him, but when his brother asks him to do this job, he can’t say no.

Nina isn’t the only hacker Cater kidnapped, but she is the only one still alive. Now he needs her to get the money back. It should be straightforward—until it isn't.

Developing feelings for the hacker was never part of the plan. Now Carter must choose between Nina and his brother. But Nina is playing her own game—one that will surprise them all.

The Code is a technothriller with a hint of romance. If you love fast-paced thrillers like the Night Agent, you’ll love The Code.

Order your copy today!

The Code eBook.jpg
The Wife's Diay
The Wife's Diary

She’s dead. Or so they say…

On April 17, Dr. Giselle Matthews turns on the hotel television to watch the morning news. What she does not expect to see is video footage of her house and a body bag being wheeled from it. According to the news bulletin, the deceased woman is assumed to be the wife of rising political star, Henry Matthews. Except she is Henry's wife.

Now no one knows where he is, and all Giselle has is a text message from her missing husband: I didn’t do this. Do not talk to the police until I speak to you.

Henry's not capable of murder... is he? But where had he been while someone was being murdered in their house? And who is the woman in the body bag? The deeper Giselle looks into the murder, the more her perfect life begins to unravel. The discovery of the victim's diary reveals a gut-wrenching secret: Henry Matthews had more than one wife...

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TWD eBook.jpg

James Thomas is a hunted man. He has a past full of secrets and a skill set that makes him very dangerous.

Mak Ashwood is a criminal prosecutor taking on the Mob in a triple-murder.

When Mak’s life is threatened, she hires James to protect her. James should deny his feelings for her and terminate the contract. But he doesn’t.

Can he protect her from the Mob, and the violent men hunting him? And should he tell her the truth about her husband’s disappearance thirteen years ago?

If you like fast-paced action, romance, and stories packed with twists and turns, then you’ll love the first instalment in Brooke Sivendra’s James Thomas series.


Secrets are revealed. Lives are forever changed. James Thomas is fighting to protect those he loves, but he could never predict what happens next…

When his life is threatened, James Thomas doesn’t back down. He does the opposite—he hunts the men that are hunting him, and he doesn’t give them a quick death.

But his life isn’t the only one he’s fighting to save. James assumed it was the Mob threatening Mak Ashwood, but he was wrong. Her missing husband made dangerous enemies, and those enemies are coming for her. But someone else is in the game. Is her husband actually dead, as they suspect—or is he alive and watching her?

Saratani is the second novel in Brooke Sivendra’s thriller/romance series. As one reader said, “The action, drama, and steamy sex will have you on the edge of your seat and fanning yourself, but the ending literally had me gasping.”


Buy Saratani to continue the fast-paced James Thomas series!


James dug up the body and brought it home. But, the dead man is not who he thought it was…

James Thomas made a mistake. A mistake that haunts him. A mistake that can’t be undone. A mistake that can’t be fixed. The only thing he can do now is to find the man who went to great lengths to deceive him.

But, the clock is ticking. James is being hunted, and with the resources dedicated to finding him, he knows it’s only a matter of time. He needs to uncover the truth about Mak’s husband—and eliminate the threat to her—before he’s killed. Or worse: captured.



Sarquis’ portraits changed everything. James Thomas has the identity of the man hunting him, but there’s one problem…

James can’t kill him until he has the code that will save Mak Ashwood’s life. And the man hunting him is the only one with the code.

James must take him alive, but he can’t do that without resources. Resources he doesn’t currently have.

James will do anything to protect those he loves, and that includes making a deal with Europe’s most feared and violent man. The same man that wants to kidnap and torture James’ girlfriend. A man known as Alexandr Biskup.

The risks are grave. The deal will create a powerful alliance, but the clock is ticking: if James fails, he and everyone he loves will die.


A code. A cult. A kidnapping. James Thomas is playing a deadly game of chess, but not everyone will survive….

Maya Ashwood has been taken hostage, and her kidnapper wants two things in exchange: James Thomas and Mak Ashwood.

James must create a plan that will enable him to both rescue Maya and keep Mak safe from the clutches of the man hunting him.

The stakes have never been higher. James must face his past, uncover the truth about his family, and fight for the lives of the people he loves. He cannot fail Mak now—not when she needs him most.

The Favor
The Favor

Old Enemies Come Calling in The Favor, a Romantic Thriller from Brooke Sivendra

--10 Years Ago, Tokyo & Russia--

James and Deacon worked hard to keep their identities a secret while building a new life and business but when a specter from James's past turns up in their home city of Toyko, their quiet, simple life is turned upside down.

Eliminating the threat requires a trip to Russia, a place abounding with enemies, a place they'll never leave alive.

Someone must go in their place. Someone unsuspected. Someone with no links to the Russian mafia. Someone crazy enough to help in return for a favor.

The Ranger eBook.jpg
The Ranger

They say time heals all wounds, but that's a lie. . .

Seven years ago, Deacon Thomas's girlfriend was brutally murdered. Every single day, he lives with the crushing truth—they killed her to get to him. Time hasn't healed his wounds. Not even a little. But he's found one way to survive: to suppress the memories of her—the good and the bad.

Until now. One image changes everything, and whether he wants to or not, life is going to force him to face his past. But life is also going to give him something else: a second chance at happiness—if he can find the strength to forgive himself.

If you like stories packed with intrigue, romance and suspense, then you'll love the first instalment in Brooke Sivendra's Deacon Thomas Duet.

Buy The Ranger to begin this thrilling series today!

The Ranger
The Redemption

He dug his hands into the wet, muddy soil, searching for his murdered girlfriend's remains, but what he found was something very different. . .

Deacon Thomas is facing his past and fighting for his future—for another chance at happiness. But when a dark secret emerges, one that shatters Marianne's world, he will be forced to make a decision that will forever change his life.

Deacon couldn't save Nicole, but he's determined that history will not repeat itself.

This is his chance for redemption.

The Redemption
The Vault eBook (1).jpg
The Vault

The CIA are back and they want something from James...

James Thomas thought he’d left his past behind him. For the first time in his life, he actually allowed himself to believe that.

But, on the night that should’ve been the happiest of his life, his world began to crumble around him.

One last job for the CIA. One last job in return for James, Deacon, Samuel and Cami’s freedom. This is the moment Cami has been waiting for—revenge. And this is the moment Samuel has feared since his escape.

The vault of secrets will be cracked open, their lives and pasts exposed.

Can they beat the CIA at their deadly game?


The Vault
The Traitor

It’s easy to lie when you don’t have to look at the faces of the people you’re lying to...

James Thomas trusts few. He keeps his inner circle tight. He values loyalty above all else.

But when he discovers someone in his inner circle—the people he loves and treats like family—is providing intel to his enemies, he will stop at nothing to find out the traitor’s identity.

There will be no forgiveness.


The Traitor eBook (1).jpg
The Traitor
The Conspirator eBook copy.jpg
The Conspirator

James Thomas isn’t the only one playing games…

James is humiliated. He’s angry. And he’s hell-bent on revenge.

Michael Gunner strikes like a snake, his prey unaware of his next move until it’s too late. James can no longer hide in the shadows, nor in the comfort of Thomas Security. Nowhere is safe—not until Michael Gunner is dead.

Everything James values, and everyone he loves, is in grave danger and they need him now more than ever.

But neither James, nor anyone at Thomas Security, is prepared for Michael Gunner’s final strike.


The Conspirator
Black Widow
Black Widow

They told him she was dead. They were wrong.

James Thomas is content. His private security firm is thriving, he’s enjoying his role as head of the CIA, and he’s happily married to the woman he loves more than life itself. But just when everything is going right, she resurfaces…

The Black Widow.

Five long years he searched for her. When the CIA told him she was dead—killed in an explosion he’d caused—he had given up the search. But now a photograph sits on his desk. A photograph taken one block from his house.

James doesn’t believe in ghosts.

Black Widow is back.


Blood, Love + Lies
Blood Love and Lies eBook copy.jpg
Blood, Love + Lies

★ Finalist in the 2020 Page Turner Awards ★

Their fathers are enemies. Their love is forbidden. Now her secret will destroy them.

Prince Asher has spent years fending off his mother’s introductions. No woman has held his interest for more than five minutes, not until he met Abi. Brave, fearless, Abi. Now he can’t imagine his life without her.

Abigail Bennett is the daughter of the King’s enemy and a woman feared by every warlord in the region. Her job: rescuing trafficked women.

For her safety, her identity has always been kept a secret. She never intended to mislead Prince Asher, but if she reveals who she is—who her father is—Asher might shut down her operations.

But if she doesn’t tell him, the powerful romance building between them will be built on a tower of lies. And secrets never stay buried forever…

When a chain of events causes her identity to be revealed, can Asher forgive her?

Will he have the chance to forgive her because the warlords Abi has spent years annihilating know her identity now too, and they’re coming for her.


King Asher’s world is crumbling. His father is dead, his mother is fighting for her life, and his girlfriend has been taken hostage.

Asher’s enemies are waiting for him to fail, and for Santina to fall.

But they made one major mistake: underestimating King Asher.

Worlds collide in SERPENTI! James Thomas joins King Asher in the second book of the hotly anticipated "Royals" romantic suspense. 

Serpenti eBook.jpg
Valiant Reign
Valient Reign eBook FINAL2.jpg
Valiant Reign

What price would you pay to protect the one you love?

King Asher is fighting for the Kingdom he loves, and for the woman he loves.

He will not be blackmailed, and he will not be threatened. He will punish those that attempt to destroy him.

But Asher’s world will shatter when he’s forced to make an impossible decision:

Will he betray Abigail Bennett to save Santina?

Or can he save them both?

The Last Strike

The war has started and the death toll is climbing.

King Asher promised to show no mercy to Santina’s enemies. The day has come to fulfill that promise.

His enemies care little for rules and even less for civilian casualties. As the war bleeds out onto the streets, Asher’s world begins to spiral and he knows he must make a move that King Khalil will never see coming.

The plan is fraught with risk but Asher must succeed, or his Kingdom will fall.

This is his last strike.

The Last Strike is the fourth and final book of The Royals, a romantic suspense series. Buy your copy today for the gripping conclusion to Asher and Abi’s story.

The Last Strike eBook.jpg
The Last Strike
The Roys Boxset copy.jpg
The Royals Box Set




The Royals Box Set
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