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Week 6: SORIN - The James Thomas Series Reading Challenge

Week Six…SORIN

Have you been holding your breath?? This week we’re reading SORIN…the book readers tell me gives them heart palpitations! SORIN is full of plot twists and gripping suspense. It’s was a blast to write and it’s still one of my favourite books to date.

To enter the giveaway this week, please email me a picture of your copy of SORIN (can be paperback or Kindle). You don't need to be in the photo, just a pic of your book on the floor, on the coffee table, on your bed, on your dog... :))

Here's a photo a reader sent me at the start of the challenge. You can use this for inspiration:

Please email your photo to: and you'll have the chance to win one of two signed copies of SORIN.

Thank you for taking part in this challenge, I'm forever grateful for your support.


P.S. Please enter the contest by midnight, 14 July 2022.

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